Give Peace a Chance - IPPNW's Annual Charity Raffle

Profits raised by the raffle were used to fund the IPPNW Biking Against Nukes (BAN) Tour and international medical students organizing worldwide. BAN tour participants biked 750km over 11 days and met with politicians, held public demonstrations and visited the last remaining nuclear weapons base in Germany on their way to the 2010 IPPNW World Congress in Basel, Switzerland.

In August 2012 young anti-nuclear activists from all over the world cyclef through Japanese villages, organizing public rallies, meeting politicians, and
spreading the IPPNW message.

As the next generation of health professionals, IPPNW medical students are already playing an active role in safeguarding the planet’s health.

Working with IPPNW affiliated organizations throughout the world, medical students show by example and are changing how social responsibility is imagined, developed and deployed. IPPNW medical students work on many projects to promote peace, disarmament, and human rights.

Thank you to every who committed to supporting the 2012 IPPNW Bike Tour Japan and purchased a “Give Peace a Chance” raffle ticket! The raffle is now closed and was held on June 1, but if you are still interested in supporting the IPPNW medical students, please contact Nikki at