International Partners in Peace Honor Roll

Thirty-seven years after its founding, IPPNW continues to lead the way toward a safer and more peaceful world without nuclear weapons, thanks to dedicated international sustainers like these:

Doug Alton, Canada
Helen Barsosio, Kenya
Daniel Bassey, Nigeria
Hannah Rosemary Bellsham-Revell, UK
Frank Boulton, UK
Derman Boztok, Turkey
Peter Buijs, The Netherlands
Juan Carlos Luis Chirgwin, Canada
Ruby Ann Chirino Sprung, Mexico
Michael Christ, USA
Angelika Claussen, Germany
Wai Fong Chin, Malaysia
Richard Denton, Canada
Jonathan Down, Canada
Rosemary Field, UK
Ulrich Gottstein, Germany
Kristian Hagestad, Norway
Ira Helfand, USA
Bjørn Hilt, Norway
Jessica Jokinen, Canada
Peter Karamoskos, Australia
Kirsten Kjelsberg Osen, Norway
Mons Lie, Norway
Helmut Lohrer, Germany
John Loretz, USA
John Gunnar Mæland, Norway
Ron McCoy, Malaysia
Ruth Mitchell, Australia
Andreas C. Nidecker, Switzerland
Christin Ormhaug, Norway
Charlotte Elizabeth Palmer, Australia
John Pastore, USA
Alex Rosen, Germany
Tilman Ruff, Australia
Motoko Sato, Australia
Herman Spanjaard, The Netherlands
Bert Sweerts, The Netherlands
Helge Waal, Norway
Sue Wareham, Australia
Elizabeth Waterston, United Kingdom
Peter Wigg, Australia
Rosemary Yuille, Australia


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Together we can ensure that IPPNW’s vital work continues. Thank you for believing in and supporting our work for a more peaceful, nuclear weapons free future!

If you have any questions about the Partner in Peace Sustainer Circle, please direct all inquiries to Michael Christ via e-mail.

IPPNW is a non-profit charitable organization registered under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. All gifts to IPPNW are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by US law. Tax ID#: 04-2702110