Biking Against Nukes (BAN) Tour - 2010

33 medical activists 750 km 11 days 1 message: "Nuclear Weapons out of Europe!"

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the 2010 raffle to support IPPNW students and young doctors! 100% of the profits raised by the sale of the tickets were used to fund IPPNW and the IPPNW Biking Against Nukes (BAN) Tour and international medical student organizing worldwide.

In August, dozens of medical students and young doctors from all over the world biked up the Rhine River, passing through Germany, France and Switzerland on their way to the 2010 IPPNW World Congress in Basel. Along the 2010 BAN Route, participants made their call for a Nuclear Weapons-Free Europe, met with politicians, held public demonstrations, and visited the last remaining nuclear weapons base in Germany.

The BAN bike tour participants added their voices to the growing call demanding that these deadly reminders of the Cold War finally be removed from Europe. More than 20 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, IPPNW youth from East and West, from the Global North and South, joined together to Bike Against Nuclear Weapons.

BAN organizers mapped out a plan to bike from Nagasaki, arriving at the 2012 IPPNW World Congress in Hiroshima, Japan.