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India, physician

My mom had come to visit me at my medical school during that week and we were heading back home together on a train for the weekend. While all the passengers were calmly seated, I heard a girl screaming and asking for help. Initially, I could not understand where the scream came from. Suddenly, I noticed an adolescent girl being chased by a heavy built man through our train compartment. Like everyone else, I stood up to see what's going on and I saw the man, who was drunk, beating the girl in the corner of the compartment. I could see people standing around and being witnesses to the crime. I cried out to my mother and asked for help. In the entire compartment, she was the only person who went up to the man and stopped him. He left our compartment immediately. But the people sitting next to us did not like the idea of saving the girl because they thought she was probably a thief. I felt sad. I strongly feel, no one has the right to physically abuse anyone and I was upset for the unfair assumptions that kept those people away from helping the girl.

We stayed with the girl until she was in safe hands and I felt thankful to my mother for her courage. That day, I really felt motivated to stand against violence.

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