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Nigeria, physician

Driving through the streets of Jos where I reside in Nigeria, I saw the ruins of the November 2008 riot, yet my heart could not fully apprehend the height of the hurt in people's heart.

I remember the voice of my friend at the other seat of the car when he recounted in my ears how a close friend of ours was shot, with attendant penetrating and blunt injuries; I tried to find my voice and a little empathy ensued. Three of the bullets are yet to be removed from his body for fear of further injuries owing to the delicacy of the affected body tissues.

I join my voice with other voices in IPPNW to let the world know that we need a violence free society where peace is a sustainable reality.

It is a burden that has a voice in my soul and my heart is ready to go the second mile. I fantasize that my moments as a doctor will be moments of advocacy for peace.

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