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Medical Voices Against Violence
IPPNW medical professionals tell their stories


I want to talk about an experience I had and the motivation for me to be in the United States had to do with violence, that happened when I had just graduated from the University in my home country, and I was caught in a riot there about which I don't remember, and it has impacted the rest of my life.

I think it has played a major role in why I have become, starting about 10 years ago, involved in social change activism. On the one hand it damaged my health terribly, which came out later in life, and on the other hand, in order for me to cope with the rage that I felt, which I did not know where this rage came from, only through help from a physician who helped me to realize that I had this very, very deep rage inside of me, that possibly led to a brain tumor, possibly led to other medical issues, that in order to cope with that, and not engage in self harm or other harm, I became involved in social change activism focusing on racism and sexism and I'm now graduating, having finished writing my dissertation on the issue of multigenerational racism and sexism.

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