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Fourth Preparatory Meeting for an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)
New York City
February 13-17, 2012

Team Aiming for Prevention brought our “prescription” for a humanitarian-based ATT to the February, 2012 4th PrepCom for an Arms Trade Treaty at the UN in New York. IPPNW joined nearly 100 colleagues from the Control Arms Coalition to meet with delegates, plan and conduct side events, and develop strategies to encourage states to pass a strong ATT. IPPNW Drs. Bob Mtonga, Cathey Falvo, Donald Mellman, Shannon Gearhart, Hakeem Ayinde, Emeka Okolo, Omolade Oladejo, Ogebe Onazi and Victor Sidel, and AFP Director Maria Valenti, all participated.

This ATT meeting was convened to decide the rules and procedures for the July Negotiating Conference where we hope a strong treaty will be realized. Our work energized us for the task ahead in July, when we will deliver signatures from our Medical Alert for a Strong ATT to all state delegates to show that the medical world is watching and wants action now to help save lives.

IPPNW helped plan/participated in 3 key panels:

IPPNW serves on the Steering Board for the Control Arms Coalition. For more information on the UN meetings, go to the web site here.