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10th World Conference on Injury Prevention
and Safety Promotion
London, England
September 21-24, 2010

Violence prevention was a theme that ran throughout all the sessions at the recent 10th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, “Safety 2010” held in London, September 21-24.

IPPNW staff and members from the US, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria participated in contributing the medical perspective to this issue in a variety of sessions and at side meetings over the four-day conference, reprising our slogan that “guns are bad for health.” The key theme of this year’s conference was Safe and Equitable Communities, chosen to reflect the disproportionate burden from almost all types of injuries that falls on poorer communities within countries, between countries and even between global regions.

IPPNW presented 12 posters and presentations on a range of topics such as domestic violence in Zambia, medical screening for intimate partner violence in Nigeria, economic costs of firearm injuries at Kenyatta hospital, Nairobi, the Nigerian radio project “Bringing Peace to the People” communications and technology challenges to participation in violence prevention programming in the global South, and a screening of the film “Faces of Violence” produced by colleagues at the Geneva Declaration. Co-sponsored by WHO, these Safety biennial events are the major conference to bring stakeholders in the prevention of injuries and violence from around the world to debate, discuss and exchange information and experiences. IPPNW members also met with the IPPNW’s UK affiliate Medact’s Executive Director to discuss common interests and possible projects. The conference programme provides details of the Safety sessions. IPPNW members actively participated in a number of relevant side meetings as well, including the WHO African regional meeting, the Armed Violence Prevention project, and the WHO meeting on intimate partner violence.  Abstracts to all the presentations can be found at the Injury Prevention journal website at

Conference Highlights and Materials
Abstracts from the conference [PDF 5MB]