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By O. Gupta, P. Goyal, M. Lata Rana, P. Garg, Nikhil
Examples of the medical and socioeconomic impacts of firearm violence in Bathinda, Punjab, India
***Warning: photos of injuries are graphic.***
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By W. Odhiambo
The cost of injury to a 17-year-old are more than just medical and economic; the social and psychological trauma are just as devastating.
***Warning: photos of injuries are graphic.***
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By A. Khadka, D. Dharel, S. Bhaita
A story about a 15-year-old hit by a stray bullet requiring several surgeries to extract the bullet.
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NIGERIA - 2012
By A. O. Owoeye et al (H.E. Swomen and D.E. Bassey)
This presentation contains three case studies.
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NIGERIA - 2006
By D. Bassey, M. Ramalan
This presentation contains five case studies.
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The Socio-economic Impacts of Firearm Violence in Lusaka, Zambia by R. Mtonga
This presentation contains six case studies.
***Warning: photos of injuries are graphic.***