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Aiming for Prevention: International Medical Conference on Small Arms, Gun Violence and Injury
Helsinki, Finland
September 28-30, 2001

Friday, September 28:
Investigating the Health Consequences of Small Arms

Opening Plenary
Dr. Ilkka Taipale, Member of Parliament, Finland, and Vice-President of PSR-Finland [PDF]
Hon. Erkki Tuomioja, Foreign Minister, Finland [PDF]
H.E. Stephen Brady, Ambassador of Australia to Finland
Mr. Fady Aziz Azer, Medical Student, Suez Canal University, Egypt
Dr. Ulrich Gottstein, IPPNW-Vice President Europe emeritus, IPPNW-Germany [PDF]

Session I: Magnitude and Consequences, Existing Knowledge
Chair: Prof. Wendy Cukier, Small Arms Firearms Education and Research Network (SAFER Net), Canada

Dr. Etienne Krug, Director, Department for Violence and Injury Prevention, World Health Organization, Geneva [PDF]
Prof. Jouko Lönnqvist, Researcher, National Public Health Institute, Finland [PDF]
Dr. Owens Wiwa, African Environment and Human Development Agency (AFRIDA), Nigeria
Questions & Answers: Session 1 [PDF]

Session II: Data Sources and Tools For Research
Chair:Mr. Robert Muggah, Researcher, Small Arms Survey, Geneva
Dr. David Meddings, Epidemiologist, International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva [PDF]
Ms. Stephanie Burrows, Researcher, UNISA Institute for Social and Health Sciences, South Africa
Dr. Stephen Hargarten, Director, Firearms Injury Center, USA [PDF]
Questions & Answers: Session 2 [PDF]

Session III: Country Reports
Introduction: The St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Russia
Colonel Alexandr Alexandrovitsh Kulikov, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russia [PDF]

Discussion groups by region:
A. Europe and Asia
B. Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific
C. The Americas

Session IV: Working Groups

Evening Reception
Opening remarks by Ms. Cora Weiss, President, Hague Appeal for Peace, New York [PDF]

Saturday, September 29
Prevention: Analysis, Policies, and Projects

Summary of Previous Day's Country Reports and Working Groups
Chair: Mr. Brian Rawson, Program Coordinator, IPPNW

Case Example: Colombia
Dr.Nelson Arbleda, Center for Youth Violence Prevention, University of Miami, USA

Session V: Risk Factors
Chair: Dr. Pirjo Helena Mäkelä, Past President of PSR-Finland, National Public Health Institute, Finland

Supply And Availability Of Arms
Presenter: Prof. Wendy Cukier, SAFER-Net
Respondent: Mr. Pieter D. Wezeman, Researcher, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Sweden [PDF]

Demand For Arms
Presenter: Mr. Kiflemariam Gebre-Wold, SALIGAD Project Director, Bonn
International Center for Conversion, Germany [PDF]
Dr. David Meddings, ICRC [PDF]
Prof. Alfred McAllister, Professor of Behavioral Sciences, University of Texas, USA [PDF]
Mr. Sharif Kafi, Advisor for Human Rights and Disarmament Affairs, Bangladesh Development Partnership Centre (BDPC) [PDF]

Session VI: Role of the Medical Press
Chair: Mr. John Loretz, Executive Editor, Medicine & Global Survival, IPPNW [PDF]
Dr. Ana Marusic, Editor, Croatian Medical Journal; Incoming President, World Association of Medical Editors (WAME) [PDF]
Dr. Douglas Holdstock, Editor, Medicine, Conflict and Survival, UK [PDF]
Dr. Jack Piachaud, Associate Editor, Medicine, Conflict and Survival, UK [PDF]

Session VII: Prevention: Approaches to Controlling Availability
Chair: Mr. João Honwana, Chief, Conventional Arms Branch, Department of Disarmament Affairs, United Nations, New York
Ms. Lora Lumpe, Senior Associate, Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers (NISAT) [PDF]
Mr. Greg Puley, Project Coordinator, Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress, Costa Rica [PDF]
Dr. Mick North, Gun Control Network, UK [PDF]

Session VIII: Linking Medical Evidence With Policy Creation
Chair: Dr. Ian Maddocks, IPPNW-Australia, Chairman of the Board of IPPNW
Ms. Ya Ching Lin, Epidemiologist, Nonviolence International Southeast Asia [PDF]
Mr. Rubem Cesar Fernandes, Director, Viva Rio, Brazil [PDF]
Dr. Antoine Chapdelaine, Safety Promotion Specialist, Quebec Center for Public Health, Canada

Session IX: Working Groups

Sunday, September 30: Call to Action

Summary of Saturday Working Groups
Chair: Mr. Brian Rawson, IPPNW

Session X: Prevention: Medical and Humanitarian Action
Chair: Ms. Cate Buchanan, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, Geneva
Dr. Olive Kobusingye, Director, Injury Control Center, Uganda [PDF]
Ms. Lieke Van De Wiel, Project Officer, UNICEF, New York [PDF]

Session XI: A Medical Call to Action
Chair:Dr. Vappu Taipale, former Minister of Health, Finland; PSR-Finland
Dr. Eugenie Chazov, Academician, Cardiologist, co-founder of IPPNW, Russia
Mr. João Honwana, Department of Disarmament Affairs, United Nations [PDF]
Mr. Rubem Cesar Fernandes, International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) [PDF]
Dr. Ian Maddocks, IPPNW-Australia [PDF]

Friday, September 28: Working Groups

Agenda For Future Research [PDF]
Chair: Dr. Etienne Krug, World Health Organization

Terrorism, Retaliation, and Small Arms
Chair: Ms. Lora Lumpe, NISAT

Economic Cost of the Consequences of Small Arms [PDF]
Chair: Mr. Richard Withers, Firearms Injury Center, USA

Guns, Trauma, and Rehabilitation [PDF]
Chairs:Dr. Nalini Kurvey, Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament, and Environmental Protection
Dr. Jack Piachaud, Medicine, Conflict, and Survival

Humanitarian Action, Campaign Strategies
Chair:Ms. Cate Buchanan, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

Working in the Community: Local Interventions For Global Problems [PDF]
Chair:Dr. Donald Gann, American Friends Service Committee, USA

Saturday, September 29: Working Groups

Vulnerable Populations: Women, Children, and Refugees [PDF]
Chair: Dr. Olive Kobusingye, Injury Control Center

Human Insecurity and Demand For Arms
Chair:Dr. David Meddings, ICRC

Framework Convention on Arms Transfers [PDF]
Chair:Mr. Roy Isbister, Saferworld, UK

"Aiming For Prevention" Campaign and Advocacy Tools
Chairs:Ms. Cate Buchanan, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue
Mr. Brian Rawson

Education: Training For Peace and Non-Violence [PDF]
Chair: Ms. Caecilie Buhmann, IPPNW-Denmark, International Federation of Medical Students' Associations