Aiming for Prevention: International Initiatives

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A public health approach to small arms injury focuses on the risk factors and health effects of armed violence, and brings into the arena the public health community's emphasis on scientific methodologies and prevention. Health and medical conferences are forums that can be used to educate on the human dimensions of armed violence and build capacity within the medical, health and research communities to address armed violence as a public health threat. For this reason IPPNW has been active in organizing as well as participating in a number of important international conferences on health and armed violence since 2001. They include the following:

IPPNW launched its Aiming for Prevention campaign in September 2001 at the first International Conference on Small Arms, Gun Violence held in Helsinki, Finland.

IPPNW has actively presented at and participated in the last several World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion.

IPPNW participated as a partner with WHO, US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Physicians for Human Rights and UNICEF in planning and conducting the first two conferences on "The Role of Public Health in Preventing War-Related Injury," pre-conferences to the biennial World Injury Conferences. The first was held in 2002 in Montreal, and the second in Vienna in June 2004. IPPNW helped organize with the Institute for Security Studies the pre-conference to the Durban, 2006 World Injury Conference entitled "Driving change: Developing Firearm Policies for Safer Societies."