Aiming for Prevention: International Initiatives

Aiming For Prevention logoCollaboration with International Health and Human Rights Organizations

IPPNW works closely with other NGOs, coalitions, civil society organizations, and international agencies concerned with nuclear weapons and nuclear war; armed violence; and the relationships between international security, health and development. Among others, we are active participants in:

WHO Violence Prevention Alliance –- IPPNW is an active member of the WHO Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA), a network of WHO Member States, international agencies and civil society organizations working to prevent violence. VPA participants share an evidence-based public health approach that targets the risk factors leading to violence and promotes multi-sectoral cooperation. Participants are committed to implement the recommendations of the World Report on Violence and Health.

Control Arms Campaign –- IPPNW has served on the Steering Board of the Control Arms Campaign, a coalition of civil society organizations working for a global, legally binding Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), and remains as a key member.

Cluster Munitions Coalition –- IPPNW serves on the Steering Committee of the CMC, an international civil society campaign working to eradicate cluster munitions, prevent further casualties from these weapons and put an end for all time to the suffering they cause.

IANSA Public Health Network –- The health voice for NGOs working on SALW