[Posted July 29, 2014]

About the united kingom affiliate

Medact speaks out for countless people across the globe whose health, wellbeing and access to proper health care are severely compromised by the effects of war, poverty and environmental damage. As health professionals, we campaign and we lobby governments, international bodies and other influential organisations. We call on them to take positive action on preventing violent conflict, improving health and on raising the standards of health care worldwide.

How can locals get involved with the affiliate today?

Get involved by contacting Medact directly.  Long term priorities: challenging the causes and documenting the consequences of violent conflict, campaigning to get rid of the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system and for a global ban on Nuclear Weapons, learning about and taking action against anthropogenic climate change and for ‘fossil-free health’, addressing the fundamental global economic inequalities that continue to impact on health and health care, ensuring everyone in the UK has equal access to health care and combatting the effects commercialisation of services and of the Private Finance Initiative in the NHS, and preventing torture and protecting human rights in the UK and anywhere else.

Medact helps coordinate ICAN in the UK and undertakes campaigning and policy work on all aspects of abolition, advocating that resources spent on armaments should be reallocated to peaceful purposes promoting well being and global health.

Medact’s ‘Tax Justice’ group campaigns for responsible paying of taxes, and is leading a Campaign against the pharmaceutical firm ‘Boots Alliance’ who have avoided at least £1.21 billion in tax payments to the Treasury over the past seven years

Medact’s longer term work on health and conflict, such as that on health information and mental health in conflict and assessing the impact of war on health has been complemented by direct campaigning and submissions. Medact made a submission to the UK’s Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War, and has published on warfare through armed Drones.

Medact is one of the partners which produced the third Global Health Watch. It is taking forward the Europe-wide on-line training in Medical Peace Work, helped to organise the first International People’s Health University workshop held in the UK, and is part of the Global Health Education Project working towards global health being included as a core part of medical training.

Medact is part of the Entitlement Working Group for overseas visitors to the UK and their access to health care; this is a coalition of organisations with expertise in migrant and refugee health.

Medact is a member of the Climate & Health Council and campaigns for just environmental policies globally and for responsibility locally – both individually and in the NHS – stressing that what is good for climate is good for the health.

In 2011, Medact produced a booklet ‘Preventing Torture: the role of physicians and tgheir professoinal organisations, and is continuing to develop this work in collaboration with others; and is also campaigning against force-feeding of hunger strikers.