The Norwegian Affiliate of IPPNW

[Posted April 26, 2011]

About the norwegian affiliate

NLA consists of medical professionals and students (approximately 850 members). Our work takes several forms, such as active contact with decision makers, campaigns directed towards the public (media, teaching material in schools etc.). Among our several main issues are the work for a ban on nuclear weapons and work for including peace medicine in the university setting including the medical curricula.

How can locals get involved with the affiliate today?

Current long range priorities / ongoing campaigns and projects: Our most important long range project is a joint Norwegian ICAN campaign as a collaboration between NLA, Nei til Atomvåpen/ No to Nuclear Weapons and the Norwegian Pugwash Committee, funded by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry since September 2010. The campaign will build on the experience from similar campaigns i.e. those against antipersonnel mines and cluster ammunition to increase political pressure for a nuclear weapons convention. Apart from developing a national network of humanitarian and other organizations from the civil society and initiating national activities, the campaign aims at supporting international collaboration for a ban on nuclear weapons, particularly though ICAN.