[Updated January 8, 2015]

About the affiliate

Since 1981 doctors from Kyrgyzstan, being guided by the Academician M.M. Mirrhakhimov were part of the Soviet Committee of the IPPNW headed by academician E. I. Chazov and played an active role in the anti-war and anti-nuclear movement.

After the break-up of the Soviet Union and establishment of the Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyz Committee of Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW-Kyrgyzstan) was legally registered and became an official public organization since 1994, headed by academic M.M. Mirrakhimov (until 2008).

From 2008 the President of the IPPNW-Kyrgyzstan is the Deputy of the Parliament of Kyrgyz Republic, Tashbolot Baltabaev, who was selected as a head of the IPPNW to ensure political commitment to anti-nuclear movement of the Kyrgyzstan doctors. From the moment of establishment of the Kyrgyz Affiliate of IPPNW the most active member of the organization was Dr.NurlanBrimkulov, prominent researcher and opinion leader in the medical community of Kyrgyzstan. In 1994 he was selected to be an Executive Director of IPPNW - Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan doctors have been consistently sending a clear message to the society via mass media and at the annual meetings of physicians, congresses of internists and other events about the danger and tremendous potential impact of the nuclear weapons on the human lives.

The scope of interests of the IPPNW-Kyrgyzstan throughout the history of Kyrgyz affiliate include:

Currently Kyrgyz affiliate is working on strengthening of the youth component – empowering medical students and young doctors, supporting merging of Kyrgyz medical students with the international youth community

How can locals get involved with the affiliate today?

IPPNW-Kyrgyzstan organizes symposia, discussions and round tables at various events including National Lung Health Congresses, Days of Science at KSMA, Youth medical conferences. The discussions are held with involvement of guest speakers, mass media, local officials and medical community.