Italian Medical Association for the Prevention
of Nuclear War

[Posted April 26, 2011]

About the italian affiliate

2000 Italian physicians joined A.I.M.P.G.N. between 1982 and 1987, after the two International Scientific Meetings "Medicine for Peace" in Rome. After the dismantling of European missiles (INF Treaty, May-December 1987) the movement subsided. A group of forty doctors remained active, mainly in Rome and the Abruzzo Region (two hundreds kilometers, east of Rome). A.I.M.P.G.N. took care and distributed the Italian Edicts of the United Nations and World Health Organization Reports: "NUCLEAR WEAPONS: a Comprehensive Study" and "Effects of Nuclear War on Health and Health Services".  A.I.M.P.G.N. cooperates with the Secretariat of the Summits of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in Rome and Mayors for Peace since 2003. The members communicate each other by e-mail or during national medical congresses of general practitioners. Today the goal is to spread the ICAN campaign in Italy and to reinforce the activity of IPPNW in the Mediterranean Area. A.I.M.P.G.N. cooperates with I.P.B. Italy, the Italian branch of the International Peace Bureau.