Greek Medical Association for the Protection of the Environment and Against Nuclear and Biochemical Threat (GMA)

[Posted October 3, 2013]

About the greek affiliate

Our Affiliate was created in 1983. We do speeches, publications and collaborations with other NGO’s against nuclear and biochemical threat, (including nuclear plants) and for the protection of peace in our region. We organised Balkan and Mediterranean seminars and we achieved collaboration with people from neighboring countries. We tried (with the then European director) to create new affiliate in Albania when the froenieres opened and with the German Affiliate we tried to prevent the war in Yugoslavia. We were active during the Yugoslavian and Iraq wars especially in providing information about DU weapons. With other organisations we managed to stop the creation of a nuclear plant in Greece and the first attempt in Akuyu. We contributed to closing the dangerous Korslodui plant and worked against the creation of a new one in Belene. With information by IPPNW we informed the local people about the then existence of NATO’s nuclear arms in Greece. We continue to collaborate with many NGO’s to promote these goals.

how can locals get involved with the affiliate today?

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Current long range priorities / ongoing campaigns and projects:

To stop the creation of new nuclear plants in our neighborhoods; to achieve a nuclear free Mediterranean. Last Hiroshima day we published an appeal to gather signatures from personalities and intend to offer these to the president of the Greek parliament on the occasion of UN disarmament week. We also organised a seminar on the same subject on 10-25-2010.