IPPNW Georgia

[Posted April 26, 2011]

About the georgian affiliate

IPPNW Georgia is the only IPPNW affiliate in the south Caucasus region. We've started organizing in 2007 and have done activities such as Target Batumi, Flash Mob Candles of Peace, Georgian Point of View, and the Georgian-Ukrainian-Russian Summer School Project of 2010. Students and young doctors are highly active in this affiliate which was formed by Tamar Shashikadze, who was a member of IPPNW Russia and brought the ideas from the St. Petersberg chapter to Georgia. IPPNW Georgia has many contacts with other NGOs in the south Caucasian countries like Azeri and Armenia. The affiliate has many plans and actively participates in IPPNW events.

how can locals get involved with the affiliate today?

Get connected with other IPPNW Georgia activists on Facebook, learn about the
Summer School for medical students and young doctors: “Radioactive waste as a Global Problem” which will be held from June 20-26, 2011 in Batumi, Georgia.