PSR Egypt

[Posted October 27, 2015]

About the affiliate

Non-Governmental, non-racial, non-partisan and non-religious Organization founded and based in Egypt year 1999 aiming at engaging Physicians and Medical students in social responsibility activities and providing a new role model on how Healthcare professionals can serve their society.

Mission Statement

PSR-Egypt is committed to improve the understand and involvement of physicians and medical students in the social, moral and ethical considerations of the profession of Medicine , with great attention to public health and environmental problems.

Spirit of PSR Egypt

PSR and EMSSR members work in a friendly atmosphere and as friends and one of their aims is to work with each other’s as friends . Friendship and love are the most important words in PSR-Egypt and EMSSR. Faith based development as to affect and improve life in the middle East, especially in Egypt, where faith controls is the ultimate and renewable source of motivation and goodness. EMSSR recognize the importance of active members more than the importance of big number of members .


1. Environment and Health 2. Landmines 3. Small arms 4. Nuclear power 5. Patients’ rights and Hospital quality Management 6. Women’s rights. 7. Medical Aid and Relief program 8. Human rights

How can locals get involved with the affiliate today?

By registering on the following membership application form.