Organización de Médicos Contra la Violencia
Doctors Against Violence (IPPNW Costa Rica)

[Updated June 30, 2015]

About the affiliate

IPPNW Costa Rica, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization comprised by physicians residing in Costa Rica that aims to work for a peaceful and more secure world through the eradication of nuclear weapons. We believe that Costa Rica’s tradition of national and international peace, as well as its promotion and enactment of non-violent resolution of conflicts provide us with a strong background that will help us promote a culture of peace where nuclear weapons become irrelevant. The initiative to activate an IPPNW affiliate came about when Dr. Alexandra Arce, working as an interpreter for Costa Rican congresswoman Edine von Herald, visited Kazakhstan in 2012 and met with several members from IPPNW and PPND. She became actively involved and began a recruiting process that led to the creation of the affiliate in Costa Rica. Two previous IPPNW affiliates existed in Costa Rica, the last of which was dissolved in 2003. In the interest of creating an organization that would have the fight for nuclear disarmament as its primary goal, we decided not to pursue the reactivation of the old affiliates, but to create a new one.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness about the consequences of the nuclear arms race and to encourage and direct actions by the Costa Rican government, medical community and civil society aimed at eradicating nuclear weapons, precluding the processes involving their production, distribution and use, thus preventing their effects on human health and the environment.


  1. To raise awareness about the consequences to human health and the environment of the nuclear arms race in the medical community and in the general population, through the diffusion of information.
  2. To motivate the participation of civil society in the quest for nuclear disarmament. To coordinate with governmental and non-governmental institutions to promote awareness and carry out actions directed at nuclear disarmament.
  3. To strengthen the IPPNW affiliate in Costa Rica through the recruitment of suitable members, the procurement of resources and the promotion of the IPPNW.
  4. To maintain an international communication with other organisms and IPPNW headquarters and affiliates , and remain up to date on the topic of nuclear disarmament, in terms of international agreements, policies and scientific information.
  5. To actively participate in the promotion and drafting of national and international laws and agreements related to nuclear disarmament.