Association médicale pour la Prévention de la Guerre Nucléaire (AMPGN)

[Posted April 11, 2011]

About the belgium (french speaking) affiliate

The “Association médicale pour la Prévention de la Guerre Nucléaire” was founded just a few months after IPPNW was announced and officially set up in 1983. Its main activities are :

  1. a quarterly periodical mixing both technically oriented papers on the effects of nuclear war or of nuclear accidents and news about political developments not mentioned (or hardly) by the national Belgian newspapers;
  2. We also give lectures to various medical professional or lay groups, including schools.
  3. We have contacts with Belgian or international authorities working on nuclear disarmament problems. We meet government members at least once a year and discuss with Belgian and European MPs as well as NATO committees (this in junction with other IPPNW members).
  4. We used to have an annual meeting, but these have been discontinued (too much effort for only few members present)
  5. We have attended regularly most IPPNW meetings in Europe and elsewhere when possible.
  6. We have been active in broadening the membership of Mayors for Peace among Belgian cities (by letters, phone calls and visits to local authorities).
We have about 700 medical members and about 100 other sympathizers. We send our periodical to a number of politicians and to about 80 foreign correspondents.

How can locals get involved with the affiliate today?

Criteria for membership: Essentially MDs. Local partners include Abolition 2000 and the National Committee for Peace and Democracy (CNAPD).