Physicians for Social Responsibility Bangladesh

[Posted June 11, 2015]

About this affiliate

Year of Establishment: 2005

Slogan: Physicians devoted to Peace, Development and Health

PSR Bangladesh approach: The organization shall remain incorporated as a non-profit, non-partisan, non-government educational and scientific organization dedicated to research, education advocacy and movement towards the elimination of nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction, the achievement of a sustainable environment and the reduction of violence and its causes. Number of members: Founder Member: 10 Executive Member: 11 General Member: 50 Student member: 40

Mission statement
1. To provide assistance in health policy and planning, protect the health rights of individuals, improvement of health and medical education and to enhance the access to health care.. 2. To conduct studies, seminars, workshops and other research activities to further develop medical education, the health care system and the prevention of environmental pollution. 3. Prevention of nuclear war and all other wars by the elimination of nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction, achievement of a sustainable environment and reduction of violation of human rights. 4 Creating awareness among medical and non medical personnel about the serious health consequences of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, environmental degradation and violence at all level of the society. 5. To motivate and make the professionals and the people in general aware of the act and extent of social discrimination, using means of advocacy and communication. 6 To establish communication with other national and international human rights, professional, socio-cultural and political organizations to exchange views and coordinate the action programs. 7. Minimize the effects of war and preparation for war on health, development and environment.

Background/short history/major accomplishments
The world has entered the new millennium but has become unstable due to nuclear war, spread of weapons of mass destruction, uncontrolled population growth, socioeconomic discrimination, environmental   pollution, health hazards like illiteracy, deterioration of social justice and security, violation of human rights and increasing gap between developed and developing nations. As a result life has become a disappointing struggle for many .
Bangladesh as a developing country is no exception of this scenario and is now striving to establish a democratic and a more human society. Because human security is the key point for the attainment of democracy, peace, social justice, stability and social development, more and more conscious people all over the world deliberate about their own responsibilities. Using national as well as international stages they try to raise awareness among the population .

We Bangladeshi physicians share the vision with our international colleagues to make the world a place for living without discrimination and hazards . To contribute our part to achieving this goal we founded Physician for Social Responsibility Bangladesh on 26th March 2005. Our aims are not only those of the people in Bangladesh, but also the hopes and aspirations of human beings all over the world.

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Current priorities and recent activities, publications, events

Student projects, student development, inclusion of young doctors:

Creating awareness among people for Voluntary Blood Donation and p osthumous cornea d onation in collaboration with Sandhani. and SNEDS.