News and Events

New resource on the importance of a nuclear ban
ICAN has created a new website in order to educate people about nuclear weapons and to inspire citizens from all over the world to join our movement to ban them.

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for peace
June 28-29: International peace advocates convened in Moshi, Tanzania to raise awareness on the effects of uranium mining and nuclear weapons. June 30-July 4, 17 doctors, medical students, and other antinuclear activists climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and valiantly raised the IPPNW banner at the top of the world's tallest free-standing mountain. Watch a video from their climb here.

#WearingOrange: Hashtag Used to Promote National Gun Violence Awareness Day
IPPNW doctors speaking at the UN about health and gun violence. June 2 is "Wear Orange Day," the first US national awareness day to highlight the crisis of gun violence and remember its victims and survivors.

Letter to the New York Times
June 11: "In contrast, by the close of the United Nations conference on the treaty last month, 107 of the world’s nations had responded to this profound threat to human survival by endorsing the 'humanitarian pledge' recently issued by the Austrian government to work for the speedy elimination and prohibition of nuclear weapons."

IPPNW calls for end to conflict in Ukraine
The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has raised grave concerns about the potential for escalation among the nuclear-armed states engaged in this tragic armed conflict.

Doctors and Parliamentarians Dialogue on Small Arms Crisis
IPPNW leaders brought a public health perspective on armed violence to policy makers at two seminars in India and Peru organized by the Parliamentary Forum on Small Arms and Light Weapons, convened to discuss the Arms Trade Treaty and the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms.

Nuclear weapons abolition - a medical imperative
Dr. Sue Wareham in the Medical Journal of Australia: "Medical and humanitarian professionals have already played a crucial role in advocating for the removal of the global nuclear weapons threat. The emergence now of a strong majority of the world's governments committed to the same goal represents unprecedented progress and opportunity. Medical voices are needed now as much as ever, to seize the opportunity while it lasts, and to help delegitimise and stigmatise these horrific devices."

Physicians organizations publish casualty figures from the "War on Terror"
To mark the 12th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, physicians from Germany, Canada, and the US have collaborated to record the injuries and deaths resulting from the “War on Terror” in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

Indian physicians joining South Asian organization to launch nationwide public health campaign
The meeting underlined the urgent need for nuclear disarmament, actionable steps to reduce armed violence, and for the importance of mutual dialogue between South Asian nations to reduce expenditure on the arms race, and divert it to health and development.

Activists share common goals in Finland and Iran
Drs. Vappu and Ilkka Taipale of PSR Finland gave a joint speech on building and sustaining a culture of peace, at the Tehran Peace Museum. They also spoke with several chemical weapons survivors duing their visit. View photos here.